Frequently Asked Questions

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You can reschedule a paid session to a future date without penalty. Please give at least 2 days advance notice prior to your scheduled session date.
Any time that is lost due to technical or connectivity issues will be credited to your account and can be made up on future sessions.
Yes. By using the Upload feature, homework, assignments, and practice tests can be uploaded and covered in a Zoe session. Please upload documents at least one day prior to the scheduled session for our teachers to prepare.
All Zoe teachers are screened, trained and certified as Zoe educators. In order to maintain our high level of quality and accountability to parents and students, Zoe does not allow non-Zoe educators to teach on our platform.
In order to deliver the most beneficial and productive math instruction for our students, Zoe sessions utilize two devices to deliver the benefits of a one on one, teacher to student , learning environment. Each device provides a necessary function in both the student's experience and teacher's ability to communicate and educate.
  • The Audio/Visual device allows students and teachers a clear and real time communication platform to ask and answer questions that challenge and build retention and comprehension.
  • The Tablet is the interactive reading and writing platform which replaces the common text book and notebook in order to deliver lesson plans and real time problem solving.