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How We Work (in 3 Steps)


Step 1: Register

Register in a few easy steps. As soon as you register, you'll have a Parent Account. Make sure to fill out with your contact information and add students in your account.

Calendar and Schedule

Step 2: Schedule

Let us know your preferred schedule by phone or email. You will receive a confirmation if your preferred is available. Otherwise, an email will be sent to give you the available hours.

Vector of a Computer

Step 3: Set Up

Get your device ready for the session. You will need a tablet/computer to run Skype and the Zoeboard.

Create Parent Account & Add Student

What You Will Need

An iPad for collaborative writing and lesson instruction.
A computer with camera or a second iPad for audio and video.
The live audio and video sessions will be delivered through Skype.
For on-screen writing and problem solving.
A headset with mic for clear communication.

Set Up Options

Option 1: Live Audio + Video (2 Devices)

Run ZOE with live video and audio capability. You will need an iPad and a computer or second iPad with Skype capability. One iPad will run ZOEboard which will act as both textbook and writing pad for students and the video device (computer or second iPad) will provide real time audio and visual communication with a ZOE instructor.


To start the ZOE session, you will do the following:

  1. Log in to in the browser on your iPad.
  2. On the iPad, you will select "Go to ZOEBoard" under Today's ZOE Sessions.
  3. Launch the Skype application on your audio-video device and connect to the live session.
Option 2: Live Audio-Only (1 Device only)

Run ZOE with audio-only capability. This option is recommended if you want to run Skype and ZOEboard on one iPad.


To start the ZOE session, you will do the following:

  1. Launch the Skype application on your iPad and connect to the live session.
  2. Click iPad home button.
  3. Log in to in the browser.
  4. Select "Go to ZOEBoard" under Today's ZOE Sessions.

LearnZOE Parent Dashboard

You will need to have Skype installed on the computer or iPad that you will use for video and/or audio. You do not need to install anything on the iPad to run ZOEboard, it will run in the browser when you are logged into LearnZOE.

Introducing the Zoeboard

At ZOE, we use our own proprietary platform to teach Math. The ZOEboard is a collaborative board that replaces the traditional textbook with paper and pencil.


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