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Our Approach

  • One to One Math Program with live teachers.
  • ZOE Board for real time collaborative lessons, worksheets, and problem solving.
  • Complete math curriculum designed for subject comprehension and application.
  • ZOE Skill Drills for mastery of Basic Operations.
  • History and archiving of session notes and activity.
  • Daily Homework assignments.
  • Review and test preparation for in-school assignments.
  • ZOE Progress Chart provides a measured overview of proficiency in grade level math competencies.
  • Rollover lesson minutes for re-scheduled, missed or shortened sessions.
  • Direct Parent and Zoe teacher communication for student progress and development.

ZOE Math Program Benefits

  • Increase Speed & Accuracy
  • Develop Retention and Critical Thinking
  • Promote Effective Study Habits
  • Build Confidence
  • Provide a Positive Learning Environment

Personalized Programs


For students who have fallen behind or need to strengthen core operations in order to fully understand and manage current and continuing grade level concepts.


For students who are at or slightly above their current grade level and want to ensure retention and mastery of what they are learning in school for optimal in-school participation and performance.


For students who are well ahead of their current lessons in school and want to progress individually to challenge their current skill level and to expand into higher concepts and standards.

Daily Homework

ZOE Homework assignments are designed to keep students engaged and improve retention of topics covered during live lessons. Homework can be completed on the tablet and a new homework assignment is provided each day after grading and review. Students who demonstrate proficiency will receive progressively challenging questions on the next homework assignment to improve retention and topic application.

Students should be able to complete an assignment in 10 - 15 minutes each day. These short, but necessary, daily assignments are an essential component to the ZOE Learning System for developing consistent study habits and achieving topic mastery.

How it Works

The ZOE platform provides an engaging environment that delivers effective communication and collaboration for a real-time interactive educational experience





An iPad for collaborative writing and lesson instruction.


Audio/Video Device

A Computer with camera or a second iPad for audio and video.



For on screen writing and problem solving.



A headset with mic for clear communication.

Pricing Plans

Math 30$40/session

  • 30 min lessons once a week
  • Live Teachers
  • Timed Skill Drills
  • Daily Homework Assignments
  • Comprehensive Lesson Reports
  • Rollover Lesson Minutes
  • $30 for Additional Lessons

Math 120$50/session

  • 60 min lessons twice a week
  • Live Teachers
  • Timed Skill Drills
  • Daily Homework Assignments
  • Comprehensive Lesson Reports
  • Rollover Lesson Minutes
  • $40 for Additional Lessons

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About Us

With any ZOE program, we conduct an initial assessment to determine your child's strengths and educational gaps. This assessment allows ZOE to develop a program to address the specific skills needed to strengthen and master the content. ZOE's interactive online sessions allows your child to work one-on-one in real time with our teachers through exercises and timed modules to master their mathematical skill levels and build confidence.

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