Our math education programs provide personalized process in keeping your child 100% focused and motivated to learn. Learn ZOE teachers and educators are screened and selected based on our primary philosophy that is focused on the encouragement of learning for each and every student. With ZOE, our teachers build a strong relationship with each child keeping them engaged and providing each student with a feeling of accomplishment at the end of each session.

Our instructors leverage current technologies, specifically video teleconferencing and our proprietary interactive collaborative whiteboard, to connect with students during their lessons. This capability allows ZOE to provide one-on-one teaching with the best instructors regardless of location. To maximize the benefits of this unique capability, ZOE has teamed with several after school programs broadening education availability and offering more scheduling flexibility to the families we serve.

Recognizing that supplemental education requirements vary from individual to individual, ZOE has developed three types of programs:

With any ZOE program, we conduct an initial assessment to determine your child’s strengths and educational gaps. This assessment allows ZOE to develop a program to address the specific skills needed to strengthen and master the content. ZOE’s interactive online sessions allows your child to work one-on-one in real time with our teachers through exercises and timed modules to master their mathematical skill levels and build confidence.

Following the Virginia Standards of Learning for grades 2-12, the ZOE approach provides your child with:

  • Personal learning plans taught by ZOE instructors leveraging current technologies that connect with today’s youth
  • Math Lessons adapted and modified specifically to your child’s individual skill level and pace
  • Up-to-date progress tracking, education activities and resources though a secure web platform