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math collaborative learning

Math Collaborative Learning

Some may consider online math education to be an individual venture — imagining a student alone at their desk, looking at their monitor, and trying to find all the answers on their own. It may be the case for some teachers, but there are online institutions that have interactive math online tutoring sessions between teachers […]

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Even and Odd numbers image banner

Even and Odd Numbers

What are Even and Odd Numbers? In mathematics, even numbers are integers divisible by 2, that is, there is no remainder when the integer is divided by two. On the other hand, odd numbers are integers, when divided by 2, will have a remainder of 1. Odd numbers are always in between even numbers and […]

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Order of Operations PEMDAS

The Order of Operations: PEMDAS Rule

In Japan, the math problem went viral after a study found that only 60% of individuals in their 20’s were able to get the correct answer, lower than the 90% success rate in the 1980s. This study reflects the reality around the world that more and more students have given less importance to mastering the […]

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